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From Chains to Swivels, All the Accessories Your Swing Needs

Double the fun with the expanded product line featuring a wide assortment of handcrafted tire swing accessories, available from Frontier Swings LLC in Molena, Georgia. We offer an optional hanging kit as well as a spinner swivel to add rotating movement to the swinging fun. Western-style lariats, pony hats, and seat belts are available, too!

Spinner Swivel For Tire Swings


This custom-made spinning swing swivel is heavy-duty and will add a lot of spinner action to your traditional tire swing or pony horse swing. The stainless steel ball bearings are sealed in the hardware casing to withstand rainy weather.

You won't find anything else like this in stores... this is an original Frontier Swings™ item. Quick links and chain for completing installation not included. Select option for either a single-point, 2-point, 3-point or 4-point swing. Our Deluxe 3-Chain Tire Swing includes this spinner hardware so you won't need to add this to your shopping cart unless you would like an extra one. If you want to add this dynamic spinning action to any of our other swing products, just add this item to your cart and specify choice of chain connections.


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Spinner Swivel

Western Style Lariets

Fitted Lariats--Adds Extra Fun And Imagination To The Ponies

The Lariat adds extra fun and imagination to any pony. The Roping Pony™ & Classic Pony™ are best fitted with the Lariat, but can be fitted to a Jumping Pony™ or Jumping Stallion™ too!


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Tree Hugger For Attaching Swing When Not In Use

Add this handy accessory to your pony swing or traditional swing order, so that when kids aren't playing the swing is kept out of the way for mowing, and also won't blow around during high winds. Just screw-in the eye-hook to tree trunk or wooden playground frame and use the 3-foot piece of included chain to securely attach swing. Be sure to install the eye-hook in an appropriate and safe place that kids won't bump into when playing or swinging.


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Hanging Kits

Pony Hats

Frontier Pony Hats™

Keep the sun off your new buddy with a rugged hat. Each hat is unique, hand crafted from ATV tires and designed to fit our creations. It's sure to stir even more imagination in your child. This item is an exclusive creation from Frontier Swings™


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Safety Seat Belts

Seat belts can be added to any Frontier Swing upon request and is recommended for added safety for your young cowpoke.


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Seat Belts

Extra Chain

Heavy Duty Hanging Chain By The Foot

3/16" coiled heavy-duty chain... This is much stronger than standard swing chain. It is rated for up to 800-pound load capacity! Insert in "Quantity" box the number of total feet you would like us to size your extra hanging chain. For example, if you need 10 extra feet of chain, order 10 of this item (price charged is per foot).

$3.00 per foot

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Quick Links Chain Connector

These 1/4"-thick heavy links are for connecting pieces of chain for your tire swing. Price is for each link. Insert in "Quantity" box the number of Quick Links you would like to add to your order. If you have added a "Vinyl Coated Limb Chain" to your swing order, one of these Quick Links are already included at no additional charge


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Quick Links

Swing Chain

Swing Chain -- Heavy Duty Plastic-Covered

Sold by EACH so be sure to insert amount of chains desired in the quantity box. Our specially-made 66" plastic-coated chain pieces are sure to brighten up any swingset! You can order these separately without hardware for connecting to a tire or swivel, although no need to order these with our 3-chain or 4-chain swings as they are already included. Available in yellow, green, red, and blue.


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Frontier Swings Bridle™

Our bridle accessory option adds extra fun and imagination to any of our animal swings. This is an exclusive creation from Frontier Swings™


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Frontier Swings Bridle