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Frontier Swings™ is a home based LLC business in Georgia, owned and operated by Phill and Levenda Sommers. The idea to make the horse swings from old tires came soon after someone left some old tires on the Sommers' property. Phill is the kind of craftsman who could turn anything into a work of art. So he designed and created his own personal style of horse tire swing for their then one year old daughter. That was in February of 2005. Since then, he has perfected unique designs and added his own personal touch and flare to each individually made swing. What started as a swing for Marti has turned into a successful business providing fun and imaginative play for kids throughout the USA and all around the world.

The whole family is involved in some manner in the manufacturing process, even six year old Marti has a job as the quality control specialist. She makes sure each design is kid friendly, easy to use and fun to play on.

Frontier Swings™ introduces a whole new concept in having fun. These swings are made from recycled tires and are built with care as well as lots of imagination! The tires have been cleaned, sealed and the hardware used have rounded ends so kids don't get their clothes dirty or hung up. The ropes used on the horses hold up to 250-lbs. and can be adjusted to fit the height of the riders. All swings meet ATSM standards. (American Society for testing and Materials, Sec. F1148.)

Swings come completely assembled and ready to hang on a tree limb, deck, play set, or other structure.

A swing unique to Frontier Swings™ is the Jumping Pony™ and Jumping Stallion™. These swings were created and are sold exclusively by Frontier Swings™. Jumping Ponies™ and Jumping Stallions™ combine the fun of swinging with the extra excitement of leaping up and down and spinning around. A single spring Jumping Pony™ is suspended from one spring that will support up to 50-lbs. The double spring Jumping Stallion™ will support up to 200-lbs. (for the more advanced wrangler!).

Each Jumping Pony™ and Jumping Stallion™ have their own unique saddle created from ATV or turf tires. The stirrups can be adjusted for leg length on all of Frontier Swing's ponies and stallions.

Optional seat belts, lariats, and pony hats are available too!

Get ready to have a blast swaying and twisting on handcrafted tire swings made by Frontier Swings LLC in Molena, Georgia. With 12 years of experience and the approval of our most beloved customers—our own kids—we design and create unique swings that turn your backyard into a rodeo. Since our tire swings are painted, you don't have to worry about tire grime coming off on clothes. We also manufacture wooden porch swings. All products are made in the United States and sold to clients worldwide.

People love our swings so much that we were featured on Backyard Makeup, a DIY show that aired back in 2009. Even if you missed the show, you can order your very own tire swings from our store. All swings normally ship within five to seven business days via UPS™. We offer a flat shipping fee to allow you to buy swings more affordably.

Learn More About Frontier Swings LLC

Frontier Swings™ has expanded their product line to include a wide assortment of hand-crafted tire swings and accessories. Phill Sommers is pictured below with an assortment of his creative art made from recycled tires.

Phill in the Workshop

How It All Started

Back in 2005, somebody left some old tires on our property. Phill, who majored in Art at college, is the kind of craftsman who can turn anything into a masterpiece. It was only natural that he designed and created a whole line of swings from them, adding his own personal touch and flare to each one. He finds something incredibly fun about transforming unusual items into a work of art.

Everybody Pitches In

Our whole family is involved in the manufacturing process. Even our daughter Marti has a job as the quality control specialist. She makes sure each design is kid-friendly, easy to use, and fun to play on. That's the most important part!